Thursday, December 1, 2016

Yesterday afternoon I got to to see Alex (and Aja and Brendon) briefly when they returned from camping up north, before they showered and then scattered, emptying out the 'parking lot' out back. Despite the cold weather it sounds like they all they had a good time (except for Tyga - who I'm guessing might have been a much happier pooch if his breed sported a warm furry coat like Pippa's.)

I caught up on some of my taped shows, including the 2 episodes of This Is Us that I missed, though (because the DVR ran out of space?) only part of an episode of Grey's Anatomy taped.  I also gathered up 9 (reasonably) coordinated fabrics, then ironed and cut them, for a Wonky 9-patch gift I hope to get going on today.

After dinner we watched A Night To Remember. Since I'd gotten a great night's sleep Tuesday I seemed to be over the worst of my jet-lag, and had no trouble getting through the evening. In fact I even read until (after!)10:00.

This morning I still woke up (too) early, and so stayed in bed for some time hoping (in vain) to fall back asleep. While I had no more vertigo yesterday after my last episode mid-morning and figured I was through with it (at least until my next flight?), I did experience a brief 'spin' in the kitchen this morning while making my ersatz coffee.  Happily today's bout was mild, and it only lasted a matter of five or ten seconds; whatever inner ear issues Tuesday's flight caused seem to be working themselves out, and later today I should be able to run up to the lab for my bloodwork.

Yesterday I also caught up on some paperwork, which included adding the recent payment for one of Tom's September heart tests to our tax file.  The initial charge for it was $55,000, though that was 'adjusted' to "only" $40,000... and for which it appears the insurance company paid $14,000. But the bill that ultimately came to us was less than $50. Strange system...though I'm certainly not complaining!

On Tuesday evening I did a load of laundry, and another one last night, so now I'm all caught up in that department - and there wasn't too much mail to get through.  So now that it's officially December (and the holidays are looming) I should be able to devote the necessary time to the rest of my gift list.

I did get my photos resized (and cropped, and oriented yesterday), but my computer is definitely less and less happy these days. It wasn't very cooperative yesterday (and I decided I just didn't feel like coaxing it along) which is why I haven't yet posted any of the pix. Maybe today?

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