Monday, December 19, 2016

Tami and I had a great visit yesterday, reminiscing and commiserating. My dinner (grilled salmon, asparagus, rice, salad - and strawberries!) was leisurely because she didn't have to rush off to the airport after all; due to a delay out of Spokane Ally missed her connection in Salt Lake City, and instead of an ETA in Phoenix of 7:00 she wasn't going to arrive here until midnight. 

There may be more fun and games when someone will be making another run down here on Friday, when Leah will be flying in.  And no parent should be surprised that the girls fly out on different days, which means 2 additional schleps down to Phoenix after their visits.  

Tyga was also quite taken with Tami.... though that may have been in part because Piper and Lucy had left their scent on 'Mom'?

Today I plan a trip to JoAnne's for some snuggly polar fleece (to back Aja's quilt) and a pillow form for Hilda's Taj Mahal.  I'm happy to report that Tami approved of both projects, and is also looking forward to our visit to the LHC quilt show the beginning of January. (Too bad Ally's flight back to Washington isn't that Sunday instead of Friday, in which case I could save them a 4th run to the airport.) 

It's nippy out (for us) but I am merely commenting and not complaining.  Seeing the ridiculously low temps and wind chills being reported from around the county, to say nothing of the snow storms and ice storms that abound, we will take what we've got!

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