Friday, December 2, 2016

No doubt everyone will be relieved to know that in my quilting world <g> things are still the same - meaning that if there's a possible mistake to be made, I'll find it!  It turns out that when I stacked my 9 fabric rectangles, paying attention to being very neat, I "somehow" had one fabric upside down when I made my first diagonal cut through the stack.  Of course when I got to that piece to sew on the sashing, I did line up the fabrics front-to-front, and it wasn't until I was ironing that first set that I realized that.  Of course I was only at the beginning stage of the project, so I figured I'd just cut another rectangle of that fabric... except (naturally) I didn't have a large enough scrap left.  So it's just going to be what it is.  Next I had to rip out that one (long) seam, and even though I had started out with nicely-sized stitches, for some reason (maybe because it's a machine?) the stitches on that seam were so very tiny that it was difficult to get the seam ripper in them; it took at least 20 (or maybe 30) times as long to rip as it did to sew.   

And speaking of technical difficulties... yesterday I got on VistaPrint, and (using my template from the 2015 raffle) within about 5 minutes I was able to input the new quilt pix and info and whip up a new raffle quilt postcard to order.  HOWEVER, even on the phone with tech help, after what seemed like a very long time (but was probably only 15 minutes or so) I was still not able to send a copy of the Proof to Louise M. (though of course the nice young woman at the other end said it should work) to okay it before ordering.  Anyone surprised that I said a few (okay, maybe more than a few...) choice words and then did it my low-tech way: I took a picture of the computer screen and then sent that to Louise.  Good thing, because she found an error!  At least that was easy enough for me to fix, the postcards have now been ordered, and should be here mid-month.

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