Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mary and I a wonderful afternoon together yesterday, and agreed that the movie was excellent.  We had so much fun we're going to try to do another movie soon.

She is making up quilts for her grandkids, and here's her latest, for Dominic (who swims the butterfly); can you spot him swimming in the ocean?  Mary used one of the panels I got from Terry and passed along to the Foothills ladies.

Richard did make it over yesterday, while I was out with Mary.  But instead of installing a new element in the hot tub (as Tom and I had expected) he removed the entire unit to send back "somewhere" (to see if it's defective, or fixable - not sure which) so at this point I'm afraid I am not going to be soaking any time soon. Disappointing!

To brighten up my evening I did, however, finally set a new high score last night on my tetris-like game, 100, for the first time in many, many months.

Made great progress on my 9-patches this morning.  One gift could be ready to wrap and mail tomorrow!  Also did a bunch of raking, easily filling up one of the cans before tomorrow's trash collection.

Four of our "hardest"-core members weren't at Boot Camp today, so Jim went easy on the 3 of us who did show up.  Proud to say I made it through the entire hour.

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