Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yesterday's upper body gym workout was better than ever; upped some of the weights and reps, and Jim even commented on how good my deltoids are looking.  I also got in some cardio on the elliptical since I arrived half an hour early, thinking my session was at 10... but that's the Friday time.

After a protein lunch of tuna there was time for a quick run to the library (dropped off several finished books and DVDs, picked up a couple more) before Aja stopped by to pick up some cases of Rockstar for one of Alex's friends.  Her trunk latch has been very uncooperative for several months, but yesterday Tom was able to actually fix it for her (no one else had the right tool to tighten up the "thingies".)  Tyga was happy to run around the Back 40 for a bit, but didn't seem too bummed that he wasn't actually checking in to DDD this time.

For the past several days Colleen and I had been playing phone tag, and her latest call came during the 5 minutes that I was at the library.  After Aja and Tyga left there was still time to connect with Colleen at home before she needed to leave for her afternoon school run.  She was happy with all the goodies I brought over (June's fabric, some jewelry for the girls, a souvenir from Carol's memorial service) and I was happy to see all the things she worked on at Quilt Camp in Prescott over the weekend.  Here's a photo of her at camp.  I haven't seen her quite so relaxed and smiling like this in a while (organizing and running QC is stressful), but obviously she was able to enjoy her time once she got there!

Then it was over to The Other Quilt Shop, just a couple of blocks away, to pick up yet another yard of the background fabric for my Disappearing 4-Patch.  At first I thought the bolt was gone (panic!) but (PHEW!) it was on the shelf.  To avoid further problems (and disappointments) I decided I should just bite the bullet and buy the EOB which turned out to be 3 yards.  Whatever I don't end up using in the rest of my blocks, and then in whatever border I devise, will almost certainly come in handy elsewhere.

I could tell that Sheri definitely needed an extra hug yesterday.  When I asked her, I learned that as she was getting ready to head to work that morning her 14-year-old dog died.  While it wasn't really a surprise (she'd known Chico wasn't doing well) it's SO hard to lose our furry friends. I know I STILL miss Echo!

Last night Tom and I watched a movie that had been on my Netflix list but that I bumped into at the library yesterday.  It turned out to be VERY slow, and not only was I surprised that I sat through all of it, but that Tom did also. 

We also watched a couple of taped sessions of Jeopardy.  Of course both tapings ended before we learned the answer to Final Jeopardy.  In one case I'm sure my answer was correct, though for the other one I had no clue.  And of course we never did learn how the 3 contestants did.

Today's agenda includes more bathroom painting (I'm hoping to get third section done) and floor mopping (now that both dogs are gone.)  I declined chocolate cake last night when Tom had his, hoping to sleep better. But while I fell asleep at a much more reasonable hour last night I still woke up way too early this morning, before 5:00 - and with Tom still sleeping I can't really get started on too much activity, at least until a more reasonable hour!

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