Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wanda and I had a lot of fun together yesterday.  She loved the quilting book I brought her, and together we chose the perfect pattern for her to use for this month's Pizza Box challenge.  The hard part now will be deciding which fabrics (of the many Donna included in her box) to use, though of course I did put in my 2 cents worth.  

I love the jacket Wanda's been working on - it's STUNNING - 
though of course I can't post any pix of it yet.  

I can, however, take this opportunity to share the pic of Linda's quilt (made for the What Foothills Means To Me challenge) that I took the night she dropped off Elmo now that the competition has been held.  NOTE: Just so you know, all of her Redwork was done by hand, not machine.  The details in this are wonderful but sadly not readily apparent in this picture.

Here's Linda's label on the back, with "Elmo" wagging his tail.

For some reason (?) the Wearable category is missing from the next AQG show, where Wanda had planned to enter it.  Here's hoping that there will be enough discontent with the decision to delete that category (I know Sharon was also disappointed) that it will be reinstated before the show in March.  (Wanda dashed off a letter to AQG yesterday asking about it.)  One theory is that it takes a disproportionate amount of time to hang/display the wearables, and with difficulty getting enough volunteers to woman the show that could be one reason the category is gone. 

Wanda's landscape quilt (for the Delightful challenge?) is coming along nicely.  Yesterday it still needed to be quilted before she could add the cactus embellishments, but she obviously got right to work on that after I dropped her back at the house yesterday afternoon because this morning a pic of it landed in my e-mail.

Neither one of us needed anything at the fabric store yesterday... but (lol) when has that ever mattered?  I had four 40% off coupons which will expire Nov. 14 so I passed along two of them to her and we did end up going down to 35th Ave. "just to look around".  Is ANYONE <G> surprised that we both 'managed' to find fabric to buy?  Happily some of it even from the Sale shelves, where fabric is only $3.95/yard.

I realized at the checkout counter that I still need to print up my AQG card for the current year now that I finally have a printer (though I did have the card that expired in June, and the clerk certainly recognized me.) After I got home I tried to remedy that, but couldn't find the place on the AQG site to do that.  So I e-mailed JoAnn, the membership person.  And this morning there was a lovely return e-mail with very specific instructions on where to go and what to do.  (Maybe she overheard my PBJ Special Ed directions story that I was telling Wanda yesterday?)  Unfortunately, I still cannot access the screen I need and have sent off another e-mail to JoAnn.

All that shopping made us tired and hungry <g> so afterward Wanda and I went to lunch at Jason's Deli near Metro Center.  It was my first visit there, but lunch (a cup of soup and a pastrami on rye half sandwich) sure was delicious, so I'll definitely add Jason's to my list of lunch places.  Afterward I exited East onto Peoria, planning to hop right onto I-17 heading north.  We were in a bit of a time crunch since I needed to be home before 3:00 (the COX repairman was scheduled to arrive sometime between 3 and 5.)  But due to roadwork (that no one was even working on Saturday) the road was closed there and we could not get through the underpass to access I-17 north; instead all traffic were forced to detour onto I-17 south.  I got off at the next exit, though with all the traffic being rerouted down there we sat through 3 light cycles before I could make the "U-turn" and get back on the freeway.  

HOWEVER just as I was finishing that curve a woman tried to run across the access road in front of me.  So of course I slammed on my brakes - and the car behind me, which (of course) could not see what was going on, laid on his horn (did he think I was just slamming on my brakes for fun?) and then swung around me on the right.   Luckily by then the woman had retreated back to the curb.

I did make it home before 3, and Brian arrived around 3:30.  While it took him some time to track down the phone issue before he could fix it (of course Tyga helped) by 4:30 all of our phones (but one) were happy again.   The one phone in the TV room still needed to be replaced, so I got the new one out of the box and all set up.  Nice to have the landlines working again.

Last night Tom and I watched Trumbo, which was well done.  I was aware of the basic story, but the movie certainly fleshed it out for me.  

Today I will miss Boot Camp in order to head to the airport to pick up Aja.  I certainly will NOT be crying any tears over having an excuse to skip all the 'fun' today!

Her first leg just landed (in Detroit, a few minutes early) and it's nice for her that she doesn't have to change planes.  Here's hoping that the flight to Phoenix is also running on time - especially since I will have Tyga with me.  

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