Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Because I watched the VP debate tonight I taped Jeopardy.  Again, the tape cut out before the end so I had to look up the Final Jeopardy answer - which I got, but have no idea how any of the contestants did because the taping quit before it showed their answers.  So I have no idea how if my answer "counts"... i.e. when I get the answer right and none of them do.

Alex called to chat this evening. I always ask him where he is, and of course with them traveling constantly he's not always sure.  

He said they might still be in Kentucky, or may have entered Indiana... but if he doesn't even know, how can I be expected to?

I'm starting to get tired of eating grilled chicken for lunch every day and dinner every night, so it's a good thing that I'm almost finished with the batch I cooked up over the weekend.  Of course tomorrow night I'll be eating at Book Club!

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