Friday, October 7, 2016

Linda and Rick had to push back their vacation one day; she had 2-year-old Zahn for (an unexpected) 5 days/nights which - not surprisingly! - kept her from getting done all she needed to before leaving. So Elmo did not check in to Dodge Doggy Daycare last night but instead will be arriving tonight.  Tyga did check out yesterday evening, though now that it's the weekend I expect him back again at some time.  

Just to make things a little more 'interesting' we get irrigation tonight.  Elmo, who is blind, always needs to be walked, but when the yard isn't under water Tyga can 'take care of business' on his own.

My arm is still quite sore from the flu shot (I seem to remember that happening last year, lasting quite a number of days) so it will be interesting to see how it interferes with the gym this morning.

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