Sunday, October 9, 2016

Yesterday's memorial Celebration of Life for Carol was emotional for me - she was my friend and quilt mentor, and she considered herself my "Arizona" mother.  So when they played this song that was all it took to start my tears flowing.

During the service, when people shared their memories, I had lots of my own happy ones to remember.  I was, however, disappointed that there were only a handful of Busy Bees there to pay their respects.  Of course she did outlive many of her friends, and others are dealing with their own health issues. 

Elmo behaved himself while I was gone, though I had sequestered in him the bathroom "just in case".  However this morning I apparently slept a tad too long and he watered the tile in the kitchen.  We have taken our first walk of the day, and he has yet to complete his other business.  It would be nice if that takes place before I head to the gym for an hour of boot camp this afternoon.

Think I'll try to get a little bit of mucking/cleaning done this morning.  I've kind of slacked off on that the past few days.

(I need a reason?)

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