Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wonderful concert at the Celebrity Theater last night!  A huge thank you to Tracy and Ralph for the tickets, and to my 'date' Tammi for the ride. 

The California Honeydrops are quite talented (their lead singer has an amazing voice), and then Bonnie absolutely rocked it for 2 more hours.  

I had told Tammi beforehand that I hoped we'd get to hear a lot of Bonnie's earlier songs, and obviously the crowd agreed with me - because every time she sang one the crowd (which last night included Jerry Riopelle) absolutely roared and then gave her a standing ovation.

By the time the concert ended at 11:00 I was ready to be horizontal (despite my coffee at 5:00) and once home I went straight to bed.  Tyga had not been delivered last night after all (instead Aja will be bringing him over this morning before she heads to work), so there really was no reason I needed to be up early this morning. But shortly after 5:00 I was awake.  <sigh> My eyes feel dry/gritty this morning, though nothing a good night's sleep tonight can't cure.

Now I'm just marking time until Bill arrives around 9:00 to hook up the second sink and install the dimmer switch on the new overhead lights.  Not sure if the mirror will be rehung today or not; that may have to wait until Tom is back home (no ETA yet on that) to help him.

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