Thursday, October 27, 2016

I was surprised (but very happy!) that when I got back into bed around 5:00 I was able to fall asleep... and thrilled to find it almost 8:00 when I woke up.  So maybe today won't be as unproductive as I thought.  Here's hoping!

The burned-out shell of the car is still sitting out there, so I grabbed my camera to take a picture.  Except that when I got out there and turned it on I discovered >sigh> that the battery needs to be recharged.  I really need to get around to buying a second battery!  At least now I've added it to the list, which is a start!  

While I was out front Edie, who lives "behind" us, drove by.  She said one (of her three) dogs barked during the goings-on, but she heard nothing and was unaware of all the excitement.  (I'm guessing that if Tyga had been here he would have alerted me?)  Another neighbor from down the street drove by, and was glad to hear that it wasn't our car that went up in flames. 

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