Monday, October 10, 2016

Computer will not add pictures now. Sigh....

I had an appointment with the hand surgeon today, and it went well.  He does not think I need an MRI at this point, and agrees that I don't seem to need any additional OT.  Also he has given me the okay to workout at the gym without my brace (though of course says I should use it if I start to experience any problems.)  My question is what will happen when August's cortisone shot wears off down the road in a few months, but we'll cross that bridge if/when we get to it. 

When I dropped off Linda's quilt at Louise's afterward I got to see the adorable quilt she's making for her 6yo granddaughter.  It will no doubt be loved and cherished by Holly.

Even made a quick stop on my way home at the newest quilt store (NW corner of 59th & Greenway) since I was going right past it.  I wanted to get home to 'rescue' Elmo so I didn't spend much time in there - but did buy a yard of bee fabric that needed to come home with me <g> so I can share it with some of my Busy Bees friends.

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