Friday, October 21, 2016

Last night Tom and I walked Tyga in the neighborhood when (of course Tyg) found it necessary to investigate every possible place other dogs had peed.  

This morning he got to protect me <G> from Terry, who took care of irrigation for us over the summer and was returning the drive-through gate key.  

Aja has called/texted several times to make sure Tyga is behaving himself (of course he is) and not wearing out his welcome (never!)

This morning I did an upper-body workout at the gym, and the good news is that my (brace-less) hand did not give me trouble except on one machine (which we then decided to skip.)  I did have to laugh when Jim "complained" that he didn't have to correct my posture or hand/wrist placement on any of them.  As I told him, it's his job to show/tell me the correct way to use the machines, not only to maximize results but - more importantly - to avoid injury... and it's my job to pay attention and do it!

Irrigation is currently underway, so (of course) we could be getting some weather this weekend.  Tom will have to let the water go because I am off to volunteer tutor in the 5th grade in a few minutes.  Each time I go I am lugging things to drop off.  Today it's a stack of books for Diane's 5th grade and Vicki's 1st.

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