Monday, October 31, 2016

I've been up since 6:00 but 'managed' to find lots of things to do (and phone calls to make) to put off ripping out those seams.  Around 9:30 I finally bit the bullet and turned the bag inside out to get at it - and Colleen pulled up.  Saved once again!  

She brought over a bag of spools for Kathi (which I knew about) 
and some mint chocolate penguins that I didn't.  

I gave her the kitty sale fabrics and can't wait to see what wonderful things she whips up for Anna.  She couldn't stay long (she needs to get back over to Harrison's class for the Halloween party) but did admire the 'new' bathroom.

Happy Halloween! 

Here's Alex, at 12 days old, celebrating his first Halloween.  Not sure how he will be celebrating tonight, but guessing the evening won't be spent curled up on a chair...

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