Friday, October 14, 2016

Linda picked up Elmo this morning.  He (of course!) was happy to see her... but not terribly interested in leaving Dodge Doggy Daycare.  She said that (after his first stay a couple of years ago) it's patently obvious that he's quite happy and well-cared for so she does not worry about him while he's here.  We discussed having him come back for intermittent stays when they have Zahn overnight, so he will mostly likely be back sooner rather than later.  

I had stressed the point that they did not need to bring me anything back from vacation, but Linda did bring me some Rocky Mountain Factory chocolate (and we all know that I never turn down chocolate!) and an adorable penguin finger puppet.

The second sink is (sort of) in - just not hooked up yet.


But we hit today's noon deadline (I need to hop into the shower before heading over to school) before that could be accomplished.  So Bill will be back bright and early tomorrow morning - when Tyga should be here to supervise.  Dodge Doggy Daycare seems to have a revolving door policy... lol

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