Sunday, October 16, 2016

I spoke to Mom this morning to hear all about Ed & Emily's wedding yesterday.  It sounds like it was beautiful, and I'm looking forward to a flood of pix on FB soon.  Which, no doubt, I will share!

Patti called this morning to see if she could pop over to see the new bathroom, and caught me right before I was going to head over to Target.  I'm happy to say that she approves.  

After my Target trip (purchases included spiffy new hand towels, and a matching bath mat) I snapped this pic.  It's definitely coming along, and assume the kids will also approve when they see it.  ("What took you so long?")  

And Mom could be using that bathroom also this winter if she decides to visit; staying here with us would be considerably easier than schlepping back and forth from the guest house, plus she would have access to a computer and TV. 

Tom called last night, from Vegas, where he was stopping for the night.  Between being tired from fighting the winds on his drive, and (more importantly!) not having working lights on his trailer at the moment, that was as far as he got before dark.  So I expect him home any time, though of course his arrival depends heavily on what time he got started this morning.

I'm off to the gym in a few minutes for my weekly Boot Camp session.  I have been doing better lately (as in lasting longer) which has been very encouraging to me.  

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