Thursday, October 6, 2016

Myra came by a little early last night so she could peruse my collection of 'Women of The West' books before we headed off to Book Club.  Though I had told her I had quite a few she was still a little surprised at how many of them there were.  She selected a couple to read, and (no doubt) will "check out" a couple more once she's finished those.  

I was pretty draggy last night, and on the way home we both commented that we would have been happy to leave Cheri's an hour earlier than we did.  (I would be even happier if Book Club met during the day instead of at night.)

Pokey should be happy that I left Cheri's with two baggies of frozen strawberry scraps she'd been saving, one of which went back into the freezer here while the other thawed overnight in the frig. 

With nothing official on my agenda today (for a change!) I'm thinking of getting my flu shot (and then possibly heading over to the Acura dealership?) before doing a little grocery shopping.  I would also like to finish up Annalise's quilt - but may pop over there today (to finally meet her!) regardless.

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