Thursday, October 13, 2016

I had an easy fast yesterday, and hope it was the same for family and friends.

I did, however, get some very disturbing news yesterday from my friend Tracy who lives near 59th and Camelback; her day was not nearly so relaxing!  THANKFULLY she was able to scare off the intruder, and is 'merely' angry. 

I had a home invasion this morning/afternoon! I'm still pretty rattled and head is spinning, but I scared off the little asshole after he kicked in the door by where I was sitting, in the kitchen, by loudly yelling the standard,"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I am alive and unhurt. Huge thank you's to Gemma and Leslie for flying over to help calm me down after the cops all left! I'm going to smoke some medicine and rest and devise some plans of action to prevent this in the future, as best that I can. .....barbed wire......cameras.......bows and arrows...?! lol 
Wow! I'm not gonna lie, that was some scary shit! I'm more pissed that he interrupted my morning wake up routine! Fucker!

Aja stopped by last night to drop off Alex's birthday present.  She's going to fly to meet up with him next week and spend his birthday with him.  However the story of her plane ticket purchase, which ended up costing her WAY more than it should have, was quite a saga.

Dodge Doggy Daycare continues to be a booming (and revolving door) business.  Elmo had arrived for his week-long stay just a few hours after Tyga was picked up.  But since Tyga will be arriving for his next week-end stay on Friday night (and I won't be delivering Elmo home until Saturday morning) the boys will get a little time together.

Tom called last night.  Turns out that there was some sort of snafu up in Oregon, so he and Carlo ended up leaving Joe's earlier than planned.  

As long as they were 'in the neighborhood' they headed back to pick up more fire obsidian (because you can never have too much rock?)  But unfortunately weather is moving in so that puts an end to that.  As of last night he was leaning toward heading up to Idaho with Carlo for a stay at his place (which usually involves a lot of fishing) before heading home, though he promised to keep me updated.

Bill arrived promptly at 9:00 to start the bathroom remodel. He is currently out getting the last minute items he needs, and assuming there are no major snafus <lol> 

we could have a nice spiffy 'new' bathroom by the end of the day.  Of course there is more painting that will need to be done, but at least all areas around the counter top area are done.  (And yes it already looks much improved in there.)  

In addition to the new counter top I'm also looking forward to the new light fixtures that will help brighten up things in there.  And I will certainly will not miss the old funky sink fixtures!  I thought to take a BEFORE picture, and will snap additional ones throughout the day to monitor the progress.

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