Monday, October 31, 2016

I had big plans for sewing on Sunday, though a few things got in my way.  

At least they were good things!  I got numerous phone calls (one from Linda, one from Rachelle, one from Colleen) at various parts of the day.  They all turned out to be lengthy chats but I'm not complaining!  

Plus now there's a chance I may get to attend a wonderful Quilt Retreat (that I've heard about for years from various friends at Foothills) in February!

After Boot Camp (where I was finally able to do one of the exercises I never could 'get' before!!!) I swung over to JoAnn's for rick rack, heavy duty thread, and clasp "thingies".  You might think that people had all their Halloween stuff finished, but judging from the long, long checkout line (which happily moved surprisingly quickly since they had lots of registers open) a lot of people may have procrastinated until the last minute.  Of course it's possible that they are just getting going on holiday gifts...

Aja had not picked up Tyga (or even 'checked in' with us) by the time I got home a little before 3:00.  I thought maybe they'd called her in to work Sunday after all, but it turned out that she'd worked 17 hours (!!!) on Saturday and didn't get home until after 4:00 am (at which point she needed to scrub off all the body paint that had been applied for their WICKED "do" at work.)  So it was almost 5:00 when she collapsed into bed... and then, to her amazement, 4:00 in the afternoon when she woke up!

I did actually get another bag (virtually) completed yesterday (Aja definitely approved of them, and it also sounds like she'd like one of her own) BUT I screwed up one of the final steps (and explains why I was initially confused about how to finish off the French seams) which is a real bummer.  

Today I'm going to have to take it apart, and I just hate frog stitching.  

It's especially annoying because because I had gotten the seams 
of the various fabrics and rickrack to line up perfectly! 

Since the only thing on my schedule today is a doc appointment in the afternoon I could get a lot of stuff done this morning.

Or not.... LOL

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