Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I finished up what I could on my binding this morning at Busy Bees.  Now all that's left to do is join the tails (need my machine for that) and then I can finish up the last little bit of hand sewing.  Which means one holiday gift just about done.

Afterward I made a quick stop at the library to drop off and pick up, so now I'm set with a few movies to tide me over.  Actually watched one already, Remember, which had some surprises in it.  Did a little more mucking, ordered a few gifts on line, and deviled the eggs for tonight.  Now I may go sit outside and read for a bit.  It's gorgeous here, though millions of folks in the SE are fleeing Hurricane Matthew. Alex wasn't sure where they were headed next, but (HOPEFULLY!) they will check before heading in that direction...

Aja just called, and her friends want to extend the camping trip through tonight. She worries about Tyga over-staying his welcome, but I assured her that there's NO problem keeping him longer... he's fine company.

And tomorrow evening Elmo arrives to stay for a week or so at Dodge Doggy Daycare.

I just received an e-mail from Mom that Ivy had her hip surgery last night and the good news is that she is doing well.  Now Sandy has to find a rehab place for her to recuperate once she's released.  I'm not sure if Ivy's assisted living place is not equipped to do that, or it may just be that they do not have any openings at the moment.  In any event, it's one more thing for Sandy to deal with. 

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