Sunday, October 2, 2016

I needed to pop over to the store to pick up some eggs so I can make deviled eggs for Book Club on Wednesday.  Grocery shopping is not on my list of "fun things to do", but tonight I was rewarded with  spectacular clouds, and the sun behind them created an amazing corona; it may just have been the most dramatic sunset I've seen!  Wish I'd had my camera (my cellphone would not have done it justice) so I could share it with everyone.  I've googled sunset clouds, but although there were lots of pretty photos I didn't see one like the view I had.

After I got home I took Tyga for a walk, now that the weather's cooled off, and we weren't the only ones in the neighborhood with that idea.  And though the sky had changed, the colors were absolutely incredible.

I had a late lunch after I got home from the gym at 2:00 (scrambled up some eggs with cheese, onions, and mushrooms) so I guess it's not surprising that I'm going to have a late dinner.  Yesterday I grilled a big batch of chicken, so I'll be eating those for the next several days.  

Should be eating apples and honey for a sweet New Year.

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