Monday, October 24, 2016

Another section of the bathroom is now painted - progress!

Though the paint seems dry, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to rehang the cabinet and the toilet paper holder... 'just in case'.

I still haven't taken my shower (and yes, there's a fair amount of paint of me) because the rest of my afternoon was spent helping Tom put together the new grill he bought today, quite an upgrade from our old one.  (And it's definitely muggy today so it's a good thing I waited.)  The directions were pictures only, and with a lengthy number of steps (and a zillion nice shiny pieces) it took quite a long time for the two of us to 'construct'.  Tom would have taken the floor model (and saved us the trouble of having to put the grill together ourselves) but it was too big to fit into the back of his truck.

Tom also bought steaks, so those are what we're going to use to try out for the grill's maiden voyage tonight.

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