Sunday, October 16, 2016

(This never got posted yesterday, though that's when it was written.)

It's a fully functioning bathroom again! 

(though of course I am considerably poorer...)

The second sink is hooked up, and also the dimmer switch for the new lights.  Gary came by and helped Bill mount the mirror (he said it was heavy for him and certainly understand why I wasn't going to try to help with the lifting) though I'll need to wait to clean the mirror until I am SURE the silicone glue is absolutely dry!  

And speaking of dry:

Of course I wanted to take a pic and show off the 'final' results (I still have to paint the rest of the walls) but <sigh> that isn't happening (yet) because the camera battery wants to be recharged.  I sure miss having a second battery (somehow it disappeared out of my camera case at the hot springs over the summer) because it was definitely nice always having a fully charged battery when I needed it!  Replacing it has been on my list, but somehow....

When Gary was leaving he experienced the same issue with the front screen door (it seems locked though 'just' needs a strong push) that I've been complaining about to Tom for ages.  Gary took off the handle, reseated it - and now it opens just fine, like it should!

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