Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another busy productive morning - and so nice to see progress.  I've definitely enjoyed the time outside more than inside (and pretty sure Tyga agrees.)  But clean bathrooms are always a plus, right?

This afternoon, when I get home from boot camp at the gym, I'm hoping to get around to quilting a baby quilt so I can bind it and take it with me when I (eventually!) head across the street to meet Annalise.  Sure didn't want to visit when I was a little under the weather.

Tom called yesterday to check in.  The weather turned on him, so he's done rock collecting.  Unfortunately the digging has been harder this time ("like digging through cement") and he didn't end up with as much rock as he collected during other visits.  Next he's off to visit Carlo and Joe, and will probably do some fishing until it's time to help with the harvest.

Alex, who is currently in Bloomington, IN, also called.  (He was surprised to learn that that's where his Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Andy went to college, along with his Grandpa, Uncle, and cousins.)  Last time I talked with Alex he was in Fayetteville, AR - and surprised to hear that's where I lived my first year because his Grandpa was teaching at the University of Arkansas Law School, at least until the Korean War broke out and many of the students were called up to fight.

Time to get back to work.  I still have piles of stuff to go through, but at least I can do that in front of the TV.

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