Monday, October 3, 2016

Bill arrived promptly at 9:00 this morning to start the bathroom upgrade, basically a new countertop and sink fixtures, but *SIGH* we ran into a wrinkle right away.

The pre-fab top I had picked out at Home Depot is too deep (apparently meant for kitchens and not bathrooms) so I will had to order one after all.  So much for getting it installed today.

The good news is that the place Bill uses had a good selection, and the color I chose (butterum) definitely has some pizazz.  It should contrast nicely with the cream-colored sinks and light tile floor.  I'm also planning to paint (have always hated those horrible brown walls), probably a very pale yellow.

In a surprsing turn of events it will also only cost $35 more.  Now we're set to have Bill do the installation on the 13th.  I can wait that long...

But I did get some bad news today.  My SIL's mom Ivy, who is 97, fell and broke her hip.  First report I got was that they were going to have to do surgery (reluctantly) despite her age.  Next report I got is that the surgery is on hold.  Whatever is decided, it's certainly not a good situation.  

If only it were this easy...!

I don't have anything else on my agenda for today, figuring I'd be hanging out at home while Bill did the bathroom.  Maybe I'll go do some yardwork, and then (if I have any oomph left) I can always sort through some piles.

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