Monday, October 3, 2016

Tonight I watched the taped Jeopardy from Friday.  I thought the final question seemed easy, and made my guess right away.  

Created in 1971, this company’s logo has been likened to a wing & was supposed to connote motion.

I was surprised when none of the contestants (including Seth, who has been winning 'forever') got the answer correct, but because the timing is off on the show the recording cut off just as Alex said, "The answer is..."  (Guess I will have to schedule a COX technician to come out one of these days.)  That meant I had to go on line to see what is answer was.  But the effort was worth it because I did get the answer: Nike.  (BTW the recording started with the end of Wheel of Fortune, and despite very few letters I also guessed the final puzzle answer when the contestant couldn't.)

And did it all without Tyga's help; he went home with Aja this afternoon.

As I was heading to bed I thought it would be a good idea to charge my cell phone overnight - but the cord, which has always lived on some shelves that have now been all cleared off, is MIA.  NO idea what I possibly could have done with it, but will deal with this crisis tomorrow.

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