Thursday, October 13, 2016

A little after 5:00 the remodel came to a grinding halt.

It turns out that it's me that will have to make a trip...
because <SIGH> the Koehler faucet handles will not fit into the holes!

So first thing tomorrow morning I will be making a trip to Home Depot to find different ones.

Linda called this evening. Because of the weather front moving in they cut their trip short (Tom was also concerned about the weather impacting his driving) and drove home a day early. Though they would love to have Elmo with them tonight, they are (understandably) wiped out from the long drive and won't be picking him up until tomorrow morning. I was worried about leaving Elmo tomorrow evening for an extended period while I attend the concert, but now that's no longer a concern since he'll be back home with his mom and dad.  Of course he doesn't know that yet, and is perfectly content here.  But I am guessing there will be much tail wagging and butt wiggling when Linda appears tomorrow.

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