Thursday, October 20, 2016

I showed my latest baby quilt at Busy Bees yesterday morning, and I'm happy to report that it got positive feedback.  In the afternoon Tom and I walked across the street to deliver it to 1-month-old Annalise, who took it all in stride.

And this morning I see that (after 5 boys!) 
Summer's little girl Layla has been born.  

Now for some of the goodies from yesterday's Show&Tell at Busy Bees:

Monica's husband picked up this 'toy' machine for her.  She said it needed a thorough cleaning when she got it, but it actually sews.  Now she just needs to locate the right size bobbin.

Joni made up this Buttons & Bows quilt with some bright button fabric I passed along to her (because buttons always make me think of Joni.)

Jan made up 3 of these holiday wall-hangings (one of the others is green, and the third is blue) for family members.

She used some of her scrap triangles for this happy little quilt.

Patty shared her UFO wonky stars tablerunner made with Fall fabrics.  
I know I had fun making mine in that class.

I still haven't gotten around to making a twister quilt (like this one of Betsy's) but it's on my "one of these days" list!

Betsy's House quilt turned out great, 
and we all agreed that her border sets it off perfectly!

Laura took the paper-piecing class at Foothills (that I had to miss) and used her blocks to make this pillow.  It looks great, though she said "no way" she'd ever make an entire quilt that way, with such tiny pieces.

Sharon usually uses up her scraps as soon as she gets them, but 'somehow' had some left over.  This is what she did with them.

I think Sharon made this as a wedding gift quilt for a lucky couple!

Sharon didn't do the quilting on this one (and I didn't recognize the name of the quilter) but the woman did a lovely job.

In the afternoon, while Tom mowed the Back 40 (we have irrigation tomorrow), I raked.  The huge cottonwoods and mulberry trees have not yet shed their leaves so I've finally gotten a handle on the rest of the plant debris.  Then I started trimming one of the olive trees to fill up the rest of the can.  Didn't even finish that first tree before I ran out of room in the can (and ran out of steam) but the trees aren't going anywhere...

Of course I watched the debate last night.  It's amazing how Donald just continued to toss around one lie after another (CNN fact-checked afterward, and agreed with me) and not only interrupted (and talked) over Hillary, but also the FOX moderator (who surprised me by being quite even-handed.)

But to not say he'll stand by the results of the vote if he loses? He didn't think the election process was rigged when he won all those primaries, but now that he's losing in the polls it is?

Remember how Gore graciously conceded after a recount showed the election hinged on just a few hundred votes!  (And let's not forget all those hanging chads which may have been misinterpreted.)  Gore did it FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY so we could just move on. What has Donald done for the good of the country? He hasn't paid taxes yet complains out our infrastructure paid for by those very taxes. He has cheated countless workers and small businesses out of money they worked for and deserved. He has talked trash about too many groups of people to list - and whether or not you believed he has committed sexual assault against women, at the very least thinks sexual assault of women is "funny" and something to joke about!?  I could go on and on - because the man is scum.

And speaking of unwanted pests - the exterminator comes today.  With Elmo here for a week, and now Tyga for about 10 days, I figured I'd wait to do a thorough cleaning of all the floors and carpets.  But at least some of the clutter is gone!

I'd dearly love to head downtown this afternoon to hear Michelle Obama speak.  She has spent 8 years "going high" when others have gone low, and I have tremendous respect for her.  What a role model she's been for women and girls!


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