Friday, October 14, 2016

Not quite the relaxing morning (or day ahead) I was hoping for, considering I will be up late tonight for the concert.  But (some) things are moving along.

Elmo did not cooperate on his evening constitutional last night, even after a 20-minute walk, so I expected "things" to move along this morning in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately he was not inclined to 'take care of business' during either of his 2 walks, an hour apart this morning.  But by 8:00 I was running out of time to zoom over to Home Depot.

The good news: I now have new Delta faucets (for the needed 4" spread) AND when I arrived back home at 8:45 Elmo had not left me any surprises to clean up in the bathroom.  I was going to call Bill as soon as I put stuff down and got my key out of the door to confirm that we are on for his 9:00 arrival, but he beat me to it, calling as I was just opening the door. 

With a little bit of luck maybe (?!) the rest of the installation will go smoothly. 

Alex saw the pix I posted yesterday, and texted me that it's looking good.  Patti texted last night (I'd talked to Gary about him helping rehang the mirror, so she was checking on that) and after viewing the blog also said the same thing.  

I'm just looking forward to the faucets being installed.... and working fine!

And if the mirror doesn't get rehung today, so be it.

I volunteer at Park Meadows this afternoon, and then I'll need to zoom home to change before heading over to the gym; I was able to change this morning's session with Jim to one at 2:30.   Maybe after my shower I can  relax a bit before Tammi picks me up around 5:30?

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