Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Today's upper body workout was uneventful... except for the fact that I did it without my brace and without any problems! 

On the way home I picked up paint at the hardware store, along with a drop cloth and replacement rollers. Seemed I had everything else I needed, so once home I laid the ironing board across the doorway (just in case Elmo decided it would be a good idea to wander in and "help") and was all set to get started.

Except that I couldn't find any masking tape, so I had to make a quick run up to Walgreens. And just so you know, the masking tape isn't in the stationery section with the other tape and office supplies, which made me think I was going to have to run back to the hardware store.  But it turned out that they do carry it, just in a different area of the store.

Removed both towel racks and all the light switch and outlet cover plates and got my first coat on the side walls next to the sinks.  Hard to tell exactly how the Vanilla Scone will look until it dries, though it's definitely a major improvement over the brown.

The phone rang just as I was washing my hands. 
(Somehow <g> I always manage to get a lot of paint on me) 

It was Alex, who is grilling salmon for dinner and wanted to know my recipe.

Think I'll kick back and finish Belgravia.  Probably only have about 20 pages left to read but I got too sleepy last night and couldn't quite get there.  

Julian Fellowes's Belgravia is the story of a secret. A secret that unravels behind the porticoed doors of London's grandest postcode. 
Set in the 1840s when the upper echelons of society began to rub shoulders with the emerging industrial nouveau riche, Belgravia is peopled by a rich cast of characters. But the story begins on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. 
At the Duchess of Richmond's new legendary ball, one family's life will change forever.

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