Thursday, October 6, 2016

I buzzed over to Target and got my flu shot today, and (like Patti had told me) was rewarded with a $5 gift card.  Of course that only made a small dent in my Target purchases (which included a new cordless phone for the house now that 2 of them have stopped behaving) but hey, first time I've gotten 'paid' for getting a flu shot!

When I took Tyga out front this morning to help me water the plants I hadn't paid attention to the time.  The high school bus stops in front of our house, and a couple of teens were out there waiting.  Tyga, of course, had to run over and bark at them to protect his turf, though he soon cozied up to them and enjoyed their attention.  

After all that hard work he now obviously needed to relax...

And Pokey is enjoying the first of Cheri's strawberries.

Walking back in after feeding her I noticed this,
a mass of wriggling ants in the pool - yuck!

Now that I've finished lunch (the next-to-last chicken thigh, and a couple of deviled eggs left over from book club) I'm off to the Acura dealership, hoping to cross more stuff off of my list.

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