Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It would seem that while I was fast asleep last night my brain was quite busy... because as soon as I opened my eyes this morning I was 'rewarded' with the information about where I hat put my phone charger!  And sure enough there it was, plugged into the power strip by the computer patiently waiting to be needed.

The mucking continues, and last evening I worked on whittling down the piles of stuff that had accumulated when they were not dealt with immediately and piled aside "for later".  Not surprisingly I've found things that I've been looking for, other items worth passing on (mostly to teachers), while a substantial portion of what I've gotten rid of (newpaper clippings, comics, magazine articles, etc.) has gone into the recycle can.

Before heading to the gym I might just tidy up the sewing area a little so I can finish quilting the baby quilt for Annalise; would be nice to take it with me when I head over to meet her!

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