Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My demo at Busy Bees this morning on inserting a flange went well - the feedback I got was that it was clear and understandable.  (Which in itself is understandable, because the process is about as basic as it gets.)  I also got positive feedback on my "outfit".

On the way home I stopped in for a brief visit at Colleen's, where I got to peek at some of her latest projects. I'm looking forward to seeing the fancy quilting she's going to practice on this simple piece.


And leafing through one of her latest quilt magazines,
I found a few more quilts that struck my fancy:

And these that I think Tom will enjoy!

Once back home it was time to mow before our next irrigation on Friday.  Even in this heat it wasn't too bad on the riding mower.  I did the front yards, the Back 40, and around the guest house, and Tom did the back yard, and in less than 2 hours we had the place pretty spruced up.

After a shower (talk about being dusty and dirty) I popped over to Patti's for a visit and got my hair trimmed up/evened out.  Which will be nice at the hot springs, when I'm "less likely" to be doing much with my hair and it will be on its own just doing "whatever".  Of course there are always flowers...

Today we had Bill the handyman over here, working on a long list of stuff around the house.  Finally there is a nice new window over the kitchen sink after Pokey broke the old one (he did have to remove the kitchen sink to get to it), the lights on the back porch are fixed (that will be nice next winter when we are grilling after dark), my bathroom sink now drains, Tom's bathroom sink has nice new hardware that no longer leaks, etc.  

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