Saturday, June 4, 2016

Louise did end up driving to Jean's funeral in Buckeye yesterday, so I was able to call TOCA on the drive there. Turns out that despite telling the PA to call in my Rx to the Walmart (the pharmacy manadated by my current Rx insurance) at 43rd and Union Hills (after she specifically asked which pharmacy I use), the triage woman on the phone told me it was actually called in to my old pharmacy of record, Walgreen's at 35th and Union Hills. (So why do they even bother to ask?)  At least I was able to pick it up on my way home from the gym later in the afternoon (cost a 'whopping' $4), and started it this morning (first two pills to be taken before breakfast, with next dose after lunch.)  

Hoping it kicks in quickly and pain is soon a thing of the past!

Found out yesterday morning at Jean's funeral that June (another Busy Bee, and 92 like Jean) went into the hospital on Thursday with what was thought to be a stroke. So we could soon be attending yet another funeral?

June is a sweetie, and was always so grateful when I'd pick her up and drive her to Busy Bees those times she needed a ride.  Here she is at the Garden Party a couple of months ago, with the plant she won. 

Giving June rides was such an easy thing to do, and I certainly was more than happy to do it!

In an hour Colleen will be picking me up, and we'll be off to Prescott for their annual Quilt Show. Here is the Fearsome Threesome from last year, before we (FINALLY) fed  a very hungry Yolanda!

At least this year we shouldn't have any trouble finding a place to eat... we KNOW where Zeke's is (and when they close for those few hours in the afternoon.) Yolanda can't be with us today because she's freezing her buns off in North Dakota (where she's gone for a grandchild's graduation) 

Feeling cold is certainly NOT the case here today.  Predictions for today's high (depending on which news you listen to) are somewhere between 115-118... any of which would set a new record for today.  Oh, joy!

JoAnne (a Nimble Thimble I met at Quilt Camp) will be joining us.  I wonder what other great stories we'll have to tell after today's adventures? 

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