Friday, June 17, 2016

Lisa arrived for her surprise visit earlier than expected last night, so we did get to visit with her a bit after all before we all toddled off to bed.  Her hair is currently a lovely shade of blue (I took a pic this morning) and you can see from this pic Alex just posted that 'his' hair is red.  Mine is trying to be brown, but those gray hairs seem a tad insistent on trying to change that.

It was really bright outside this morning, and Lisa was waiting for me to tell her when I was going to snap the pic.  Bit of a miscommunication here...


Before I needed to leave for the gym Linda and Zahn came over for another swim lesson, and this time I had my camera ready!

Pouring water is always fun.

Are we having fun yet?

Zahn has an adorable smile, though I never seemed to be able to catch it.

Hmmm... let me think about whether or not I have enough toys...

Kicking makes splashes!

Something caught his eye.

All that swimming was hard work - time for some chocolate milk!

And the blocks (that Elizabeth made for Lisa 25 years ago) 
are always a big hit.

Tyga even offered to help.

Tyga isn't much on swimming, though he does love to lie in the sun.  And when he's ready to come in he always wipes his paws of course...

Jeff came by today to spend some time, though I still didn't get to meet his girlfriend Danielle because she was doing a spa day with his sister.


I did make it to they gym today, though my legs are still really sore; again we had to dial back the weights.  However I was able to cancel my afternoon appointment at the Apple store because rebooting the router (I loved Lisa's "explanation" of how it talks to things) fixed the issues with my iPad - at least for the moment.  The original plan was to try (again!) to mail Mom's package this afternoon on my way back from the Apple store, but that didn't happen.  Instead I played in the pool with Tom and Lisa and Jeff.

Tonight we're going out to dinner at Tokyo Lobby, and Aja may be joining us since there's been a wrinkle in her work schedule today.

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