Thursday, June 2, 2016

Leonie, my OT, was concerned this morning that after 2 weeks I am still in pain and my hand does not seem to be getting any better.  She was even more concerned when she started working on my hand and it "felt wrong", so she got the surgeon's PA Lisa to come take a look.  The good news is that after checking it out Lisa doesn't think I've undone any of the surgeon's good work.  I am to go back to wearing my brace, give it time to heal - and tomorrow start on a week-long regimen of Prednisone.

On my ride home I heard that the possible high temp for Saturday has been adjusted... to 118!  The numbers seem to change (for the worse) daily, so it's a good thing we've only got another couple of days to wait.

In other 'news', look what I found outside the door to Lisa's room on my way to bed last night.  It was quickly dispatched with a well-aimed thump of a shoe.

Colleen just called - the kids want to come swimming.  So around 3:00 this afternoon I could be going in for this season's Maiden Dip.

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