Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm taking my meds on schedule (it's a little tricky when every day is different) and can see more improvement as of this morning.  Still not where I'd like to be... but at least I'm going in the right direction!

Aja picked up Tyga last night after she worked double shifts on Friday and Saturday, then "just" a single shift yesterday.  While he seems to enjoy his time at Dodge's Doggy Daycare, he was definitely happy to see Mom.  He might be back next weekend, when she's got more doubles scheduled. 

Aja said that Alex reports he's working hard, because while the new set up looks great it takes considerably more time to set up and tear down.  No doubt they'll get faster after doing it day in and day out.  He looks quite comfortable perched up there, while I got nervous on the ladder the other day picking peaches!

With everyone gone it's pretty quiet here this morning (Tom and Tom left this morning to go grubbing in Flagstaff.)  They should be back on Wednesday "unless they're finding lots of stuff."  I don't have anything on today's agenda, so the plan is to get some quilting done.

But before I start in on that, how about a few more pix from Saturday?

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