Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Here's a draft of an entry that got written on Sunday but never posted.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this link you can listen to a 'slightly' altered (and very entertaining) version of You're The Top I listened to this afternoon on the way home from the gym.

This morning I spoke with Terry.  I'd been getting a little worried after both my e-mails from the past week or so had gone unanswered, and had planned to call her tomorrow - but she beat me to the punch.  All is well up there, and she and Neil are both looking forward to our upcoming visit.  

 I also spoke with  Mom today, but called her from the pool (which is currently a reasonable 88 degrees) instead of the hot tub.  Floated around for about 15 minutes soaking up some Vitamin D and getting ready for spending time in the sun on vacation.

This morning I pieced together some batting, found some extra-wide cheery fabric, and now ready to  pin one of my charity quilts and get it ready to start quilting.  It's possible I could have that done in time to take to Show&Tell at Foothills on Wednesday.

There were five us us at Boot Camp this afternoon, and I made it past the first half hour before I decided to to call it quits and head home.  I'm definitely at the bottom of the heap with this group, but in truth only competing against myself.  Any time I make it to the gym is better than time spent on the couch!

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