Sunday, June 5, 2016

I took the first six pills at the designated times throughout the day yesterday, and maybe it's wishful thinking.... but my hand feels marginally better today. I've already had the first of today's five pills, and maybe by tomorrow morning I'll know if they truly are going to help with the pain issues.

And now back to the quilts from yesterday's show!

This is a simple pattern, but I of course just loved how colorful it is.

This scrap buster has been on my List for some time, though of course I'd "probably" use brighter colors (because that is basically all I have...)

This was an interesting pattern, and the quilting really made it POP.

I might even have this sunflower panel in my stash (filed right under "Somewhere"), and approve of her sashings and stack-and-whack border.

I know that I have this iris panel.

Animals are always a good subject for quilts. This scrappy chicken looks like she had fun; wonder if it's a Barbara Jones pattern?

 My flash seemed to have distorted the color on this one, 

or maybe it's wrong in the close-up shot?  
Anyway, loved this tortoise rendering!

Nice use of color to brighten up elephant gray.

Can you spot the critters in Marcia's quilt?

Here.... I'll help!

Sing it!

Simple yet effective background for this little kitty.

This (modified) log-cabin block also uses strips 
to set off the focus fabric nicely.

Bana: this children's quilt had cute embroidered animals 
and 'for some reason' I thought of you. -

Its border fabric also featured giraffes.

Another giraffe quilt :-)

Here are some more of the scrappy quilts.  
Notice how setting on point gives quilts a little extra pizzaz!

Who wouldn't smile at this quilt?  TOO CUTE!

There were several other ladies who made and entered this quilt.  I'll post them after the close-ups of Joan's blocks so you can choose your favorite - though this was mine. The footwear "made" the quilt.

There's just "something" about a hippo in a tutu and ballet slippers!

No fashion sense - socks with sandals?

High heels can help her reach those really high leaves.

Cowboy boots

Saddle shoes

Bunny slippers for baby

No feet for shoes? Just improvise 
and roll along on a skateboard!

Not quite sure what this guy is wearing - boots? roller blades?

This guy would rather go barefoot (I definitely understand that!)

And crocs for a croc <g>

Here are the other two quilts, with a few different critters. Colleen bought the pattern yesterday, so once she gets her made up (unlike me I'm sure it'll be sooner rather than later...) I'll be sure to share her version!

This quilt featured embroidered birds; maybe once Yolanda gets more comfortable with 'my' embroidery machine she will whip up something like this.

This birds on these quilts may not be quite as realistic <g> 
but I still love them!


And while we're in flying mode, here are some stylized butterflies -

some more conventional ones,

and some dragonflies. 

Speaking of realism -
the maker of this eye quilt went for something a little out of the ordinary:

There weren't too many landscape quilts at this show - 
and the ones that were displayed were fairly simple.

This quilt used stunning fabrics (though my shot is a little washed out) 
and definitely evoked images of celebration.

These flower petals were probably also a class.  I always like seeing the subtle differences quiltmakers employ to get different effects.

This also seemed to be a class, judging from the number of entries.

This one with various B/W fabrics was dramatic, but sadly (as too often happens) it lost a lot of its 'oomph' in my photo.

And here's your 'reward', Bana, for getting through all the quilt pictures -

This was (easily) the most dramatic quilt at the show, with its maker.

She used a cross-stitch pattern and reduced it down...
to "only" 67,00 little (one inch?) squares!!!

Yes there are more pix to share, which may (or may not) actually happen.  But for the time being

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