Monday, June 20, 2016

Got some peace of mind at the surgeon's this morning.  Apparently whatever I did a month ago is just going to take a while to heal.  Since I have good range of motion and no swelling, there was no reason for an x-ray.  Just need to be patient.

Afterward I swung by the post office and (finally!) got Mom's package into the mail, and also turned in a HOLD MAIL form.  We all know how well that worked last summer - NOT! - so Joy (whose mailbox is next to ours) is going to check our box when she picks up theirs "just in case".  It's a good thing she did that last summer!

Next I made a stop at the ATM to get some (much needed) cash.  I don't need much, but should have more than I did - I was down to a dollar or two!


My neighbor Lisa is going to pool sit for us while we're in Colorado, so she came by around 10:00 for the tutorial.  They're thrilled to have the use of the pool for a month, and we're thrilled to have someone keeping the water level up so we don't burn up the pump.

Supposed to hit 117 today - summer in Phoenix!

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