Wednesday, June 8, 2016

At Foothills this morning we had a demo on borders by Debbie Shuster, 
who was very personable.  

I realized some time ago that when I go to quilt shows I find myself  looking at borders/sashings to get ideas, so I was especially looking forward to today's program - and Debbie did not disappoint.

At Show&Tell Yolanda showed her fun quilters' faces (to be two sides of a pillow?)  I can certainly relate to the one on the left!

Cynthia's stunning quilt!

Judy made this quilt for her church leader who is leaving.  Each block is signed by a member of the congregation, and many have other messages written on them.

New member Toni is working on this fun cowboy boot quilt.

Here's a charity quilt Sharon quilted.

Sharon mentioned that Daisy Mountain Quilters (from up in Anthem) took a tour of the Flying Pig Studio ("where creativity can fly!"), which is two blocks from here.  I'd never heard of it, but after I got home I called Cindy to introduce myself, and have been invited to stop by tomorrow to check it out.  

Picked up The Girls of Atomic City from the library (for Book Club in October) and then made a stop at the grocery store so I can grill burgers tonight.  Assume the guys will be tired (and hungry) when they roll in.

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