Thursday, June 16, 2016

Instead of sewing I ended up mopping the kitchen floors this morning.  Also cleaned/filled the pool, hosed off the back patio, and trimmed a very over-grown tree/bush out back.  

It's been a month since I 'did something' to my hand at OT (basically by not following directions!) and it just doesn't seem to be improving any.  I saw Gretchen today (Leonie took the day off for her birthday), and she did some strength measurements - when I racked up some pretty pathetic numbers.  That would be bad enough (would you believe I have some difficulty holding an empty Corelle plate?!) but there's also the pain issue.  So I've made an appointment to see the surgeon before we head out on our month-long vacation the end of the month.

Late this afternoon I drove Colleen down to pick up her repaired van (at I-17 and Camelback) after her grandkids got picked up.  Considering the time of day I figured traffic would be slower than it was, especially coming back home.  This was one of those times when I was thrilled to be wrong!

Colleen's Madonna project is coming right along.  Here are the pieces laid out on the floor, and the triangular sections pretty much fit.  Which is amazing considering the directions left a LOT to be desired, especially with the fabric requirements - which were way, way off!  (The colors are actually really bright, but I snapped this pic with my phone and it takes less-than-perfect pictures.)

Aja dropped off Tyga this afternoon because (as usual  over the weekend) she will be working lots of double shifts.  He's much happier hanging out here with us instead of by himself for long, long stretches at her apartment, and we love having him here.  So it's a win/win situation!


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