Thursday, June 9, 2016

Forgot to mention yesterday that after quilting I stopped at Thunderbird Hospital to visit June. (They really need more parking, and just like when I went to visit Carol there I almost gave up looking for a space and headed home.)  

 June had lots of family there visiting her, and I didn't stay too long.  Like many after a stroke her 'speech' is unintelligible, her arms are massive 'bruises', and she looked really tired.  But her son says she's actually improved over the past couple of days, so who knows. 

The guys rolled in last night around dinnertime but had eaten on their way out of Flag so I didn't end up cooking last night after all.  New Tom found one nice arrowhead, though of course he was majorly skunked by all the goodies Old Tom found.

I took the last of my week-long Prednisone this morning, and my pain has decreased since I started taking it.  However the pain certainly is not gone, plus I still can't hold any weight in that hand.  Will see how things go at OT later this morning.

Mary and I are meeting at this movies this afternoon to see Money Monster, and I'll need to remember to bring a sweater with me - it's always so cold in the theaters in the summer.

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