Monday, June 13, 2016

I've got a little time this morning so I can start posting some of the pix from Saturday's quilt show.  Enjoy your tour!

This beautiful Niemeyer quilt by Leslie Peacock, and quilted by Debbie Stanton, won (among other things) the Viewer's Choice award.  Voting had taken place at the show on Friday, so Linda and I didn't get a voice.

This snowball quilt (in "my" colors) is simple - but effective.

Of course I love the bright colors in this leaf quilt!

Pretty fire braid quilt - and its ribbons even match!

A fun Cathedral Window quilt from blue jeans and colorful scraps:

I found these quilts, with pieced scrappy triangles, to be very dramatic and eye-catching.  So it's no surprise <g> that a quilt like this has been added to The List and is in my future!

The quilt was definitely worthy of this award!

Another dramatic quilt!

May be hard to read the blurb about this hexie quilt; it says that the quilter made this as soon as her hand recovered enough from breaking both wrists to do handwork.  I know that feeling, and am looking forward to being able to get back to handwork...

I like the borders on this simple quilt that used panel blocks -

and the mane and tail embellishment of the horses.


Simple - yet effective

I've always liked black/white/red quilts - 
and the Asian prints are showcased beautifully.

Very Southwestern looking - with quilting to set it off.



And from her leftover scraps she made this small Twister:

Another thrifty quilt!

Tiny pieces -

I bought one of this designer's patterns (of a girl in a garden) a while back, so "one day" watch for mine... just don't hold your breath!

Bright and cheery scraps are perfect for this sunflower - 

and here's a green theme.

Another "simple yet effective" pattern.

Embroidered peacock detail on the back of a jacket:

dramatic -

and here's some of the quilting.

Arizona and the Southwest is beautiful!

Their Challenge this year involved crayons.  When we did a similar one some years ago at Foothills most of us picked colors outside our comfort range, but "still had fun anyway."

There was also a display from a year-long class, where a different block/technique was taught each month.  Here's how some of the different sampler quilts turned out.  Look for the bird in most of them, and also notice the different ways hexies are arranged.

I got some ideas for borders/sashing:

and enjoyed the different uses for the hexies, like this one:

Even though Linda and I missed out on voting, we both really like this quilt!  This memory quilt is impressive, and was definitely a labor of love - and "for some reason" <g> when I looked at this quiltI thought of you, Mom, and all the wonderful trips you and Dad took over the years.

It's appliqued onto a white background, 
which creates the white borders around each piece.

And while these aren't all of the quilts that were there (or even all of the ones I snapped photos of) this does conclude my tour of the Strawberry Patchers Quilt Show. 

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