Monday, June 27, 2016

I was up and at 'em fairly early this morning, by 5:30 - but of course by then it was already hot out.  Still I did get the front and back yards mowed after I got the irrigation zanjero, Terry, all set up.  Knowing that he will be taking of care of that is a relief since it means I won't have to worry about it being done correctly.

Tyga had a more exciting morning; he got to chase a bunny and a cat this morning, though I am happy to report that both escaped.  Later he also thought about venturing off the property (while 'supervising' me sweeping the front porch and driveway) when a German Shepherd and her person strolled by on their morning constitutional, but did (reluctantly) follow my instructions to "Stay!"

After all that dusty yardwork I rewarded myself with a dip in the pool, and while I was floating around managed to finish my library book.  When I make my (final?) Target run later (most importantly for bug spray since I got notice this morning that the bugs have just arrived en masse at the hot springs) I can also swing by the library to drop it off. 

I also need to stop in at Michael's to pick up some DMC floss for a simple project I want to bring with me.  The problem is that only a few of the colors in the pattern are given in DMC; most of the others are given in CC (Cresent Colours), ST (Sampler Threads), and WDW (Weeks Dye Works).  Since the effectiveness of the finished project relies heavily on the shading of colors, I needed to find the closest equivalent in DMC - but my initial searches on the internet were less than satisfactory.

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