Sunday, June 12, 2016

Linda and I had a wonderful day in Strawberry yesterday at the quilt show.  We knew it was going to be a great day when I found a parking space (always an issue!) right in front of the Community Center where the show was being held.  Lots of beautiful quilts - and of course I'll post pix once I get them resized, cropped, and oriented. (Instead of doing that last night I watched all 8 hours of the new Roots; surprisingly I made it all the way through to the end - at midnight!)

After touring the quilt show yesterday (and then buying a 'few' things from the vendors) Linda and I ate a delicious lunch on the patio at Mackey's, where we watched a couple of boys chasing a lizard.  While those boys never did catch their prey, I was reminded of Alex's prowess in that department.  


After lunch we made a stop at The Copper Needle, Gina Perkes' new quilt store, conveniently located in that same shopping center - though I was considerably disappointed that she did not have her amazing quilts showcased there, and what fabric she did have was not to my taste. 

While at lunch I had told Linda about a trip to the Strawberry Quilt Show not that many years ago, when I drove Betty (her husband Pete had recently died; he'd been sick for several years and that was the first time she was able to get away for a whole day), Marty (at the time we did not know how sick she was, though she was obviously quite tired; that turned out to be her last outing before the cancer made her too ill to leave the house) and Carol, and I'd introduced the ladies to Mackey's at lunchtime.  All three were wonderful quilters, wonderful mentors, and wonderful friends - and sadly all three gone now.

And then last night I received an e-mail, letting the Busy Bees know that June Armstrong passed away yesterday afternoon.  June was a sweet, gentle lady, and we will miss all her smile!

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