Saturday, June 18, 2016

June's funeral today was the fourth one I've attended in the past month (plus I'm waiting to hear about plans for Carol's) and I really hoped there wouldn't be any more bad news for a long time. Then I heard from Jeannie today that Rich is starting home-based hospice. Sad times.

At least there was a little good news today - while I was gone at the funeral Lisa cleared out one side of her closet, so after vacation I can do something about building shelves for fabric.

Aja picked up Tyga tonight.  He seems perfectly happy here - but is always thrilled when his Mama comes to take him home.  Usually he likes to sunbathe, but today it was rather toasty out <g> and he didn't seem inclined to spend too much time outside...

because it's much more comfy inside!

Lisa still isn't home from Amanda's wedding, which was set for 5:00 outside, at Encanto Park, so I don't know how things went.  I'm not sure how hot it got today (and whether or not we actually set a new record), but I'm guessing it was pretty uncomfortable out there!

Plans for Father's Day tomorrow include brunch and a movie (Finding Dory) before we take Lisa to the airport in the late afternoon.

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