Thursday, June 2, 2016

I brought the wrong fabrics to Joyce's class at quilting yesterday: wrong sizes (2x4s instead of 2x6s) and wrong color (all scraps instead of half muslin.)   So a big Thank You to Sharon,  

who had brought extra pieces, 
and gave me the ones I needed to make up a block. 

The rest of the morning I worked on another scrappy quilt 
using the boxes of 'lumber' I had brought.  

Several ladies, who obviously hadn't been around for my lumberyard demo (6?) years ago, were quite impressed with my boxes of 'pre-cuts'.  Maybe it's time to do that 'class' again?  Ada mentioned that she throws out her scraps when she's done with a project (yes, I can just see Jessica cringing... Oh, the horrors!) so I offered to take them off her hands from now on.  

Yesterday afternoon I'd called DISCOVER tying to activate my new card, but it was an incredible exercise in frustration (and definitely not helped by my lack of a good night's sleep.)  After two separate tries (when I kept getting passed along through various (and endless) loops wanting to sell me services, I finally passed along that 'fun' to Tom, who said he didn't have any trouble activating his new card.

It was a good discussion at Book Club last night, along with the usual assortment of good food. Afterwards I did pack up a container of some of Myra's desserts to bring home to Tom (she was just going to toss them out!?) but sadly <sigh> they never made it here.  Since I'm pretty sure I grabbed everything from the floor of Myra's car when I got home last night I probably left that container sitting on Cheri's counter. 

At least all the strawberry tops Cheri saved for Pokey did make it home, 
and she's definitely enjoying them this morning.

Anderson Cooper had only good things to write about his mother's parenting.  
You treated us as if our ideas mattered, encouraged us to form our own opinions, listened when we expressed them, included us in your lives - we were people who deserved respect. All these gave me confidence and the belief that I was valued and worthy.

Wouldn't that be nice if our kids only had good things to say about us?  I've certainly heard my share of complaints, so I certainly enjoyed reading on Lisa's FB page about something I did right....

After living in Arizona my whole life I encountered my first rattlesnake here in California! This buddy was apparently sunning himself on the trail and got upset by something, because when we found him he was in full-on "I will mess you up" mode. We stayed away from him (this photo is suuuuuuuper zoomed in!) but stuck around to warn other hikers until he calmed down and climbed off the trail.
Remember that snakes are as scared of you as you are of them, if not more! There is no need to kill them or agitate them, just be aware and avoid them and they will continue on with their snake business. Trust me, they would much prefer not to have an encounter with you.
(Big thanks to Bobbi Levy-Dodge who raised me to respect and appreciate snakes! I still remember you stopping the van on road trips to get snakes out of the road.)

Last night's meeting ran later than usual, so by the time I got home it was almost 10:00 and Aja had already picked up Tyga.  He may be back this weekend, though, when she has to work some double shifts.  Tyga would have the option of cooling off in the irrigation water while Tom chills in the pool - unless he can be convinced to enjoy the pool steps, like these dogs are doing?

I'm going to be at a quilt show up in Prescott with the ladies on Saturday where it should be cool... or at least coolER than down here.  "They" can't decide if it's going to hit 115 or 117 here in Phoenix that day (not that it really matters since either number would set a new record for the date, thus giving us 'complaining rights'....)

This morning we harvested the last of the peaces from our tree.  While the birds obviously have been enjoying/gorging themselves, there were still enough good ones left to fill a large bowl.  But once those are eaten we'll just have to wait until next year to enjoy the fruits of our 'labor'...

Off to OT in another hour.  I still haven't seen improvement over whatever it is that I did a couple of weeks ago, and definitely have been kicking myself over not listening to Leonie when she said to stop that weight-bearing exercise if it started to hurt.  I've never been one to 'push through the pain', so not sure why I tried to do it then. Stupidity?!

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