Thursday, September 22, 2022

Tuesday's gym session started 10 minutes late, so I was hoping today we would get in the full session.  Or not - I was up part of the night with another headache, and eventually got out of bed at dark:30.  So between lack of sleep and my throbbing head I may not be at my best today.

We are back to having to do the gates on 35th Ave for irrigation.  While that means we have more control over the water arriving on time (or early, since Tom misread the time by 10 minutes), it will make things less than convenient if/when we end up with middle-of-the-night time slots.

Alex was monitoring things on Tuesday, and when thick cactus pads were coming through and clogging up the gate to our main center ditch Tom had to dismantle it in order to clean it out.  We did drive over to try talking to the folks whose cactus were the culprit (Tom invited me along to help 'keep the peace', but they weren't home.  I'll just send Sue an e-mail and she can handle it...  

While the water was flowing I pulled tonnage of lantana from the center ditch, and later more from around Alex's backyard since the tree trough had overflowed.  That made weeding, when I found a crop of goatheads trying to establish a foothold, easy.

Alex helped replace the printer cartridges (he had same difficulty I did, which made me feel better) but despite several tries it still wouldn't print, just more or less flipped out.

That night Brownie was invited to his place for a sleepover, and he'll have even more adventures over the weekend since Alex is planning to take him camping in Flagstaff. 

Wednesday morning I got to Busy Bees a half hour early to help the ladies unload boxes and boxes of Garol Olson's goodies and unpack them.  We lost Carol to cancer this year, and all of her fabric (and other stuff from her sewing room) was available for the taking.  It rained fairly hard on my drive there, but happily was only sprinkling when I pulled into the parking lot.  (Monica had not been so lucky; she had gotten drenched minutes earlier!)  I donated $100 for what I brought home with me (including several bags of scraps for Jessica once the ladies had finished "shopping".)  We all were saying the same thing, that we didn't 'need' any more fabric.  But pretty sure everyone went home with something! 

All fabric left over (and there were at least half a dozen large cartons crammed full) went to another group that makes a lot of charity quilts.  Those ladies were scheduled to arrive at 11:30 to cart off their newfound wealth.

After lunch (when I finished up my gift card at Panini's) I popped over to the WalMart pharmacy to see about scheduling the newest Covid booster; I'd like to be as protected as possible when I fly to Maryland next month. I'd already tried to do it over the phone (nope), and then on-line (still nope.)

 While I still wasn't able to make an appointment (because the serum had just come in and was still packed; they were waiting on an e-mail to confirm it had been kept that the proper temperature during shipping) I assumed I would be able to do that today!

Yesterday was a very productive afternoon of weeding, because between Tuesday's irrigation and then the later rains the ground was very forgiving.  I filled about 1/3 of the green can, only quitting when my back started talking to me.  Later it rained hard for at least 15 minutes, so on my way to check the mail I ended up doing even more weeding.  Gotta take full advantage of the soggy ground!

Yesterday I also got the confirmation I was awaiting from Dan, that he'd received a package note in his mailbox.  (That was a relief; over the years I've heard too many horror stories of quilts being lost in the mail!)   I'm definitely excited to hear how he likes it! 

Got my package slip yesterday, hope to get by PO tomorrow to pick it up. Excited to see!

Alex swung by for dinner (Tom had made yummy chicken) and "fixed" the printer ... meaning that with him simply standing next to it the printer did its thing with no problem.  At least I was able to print up the newest Foothills roster, and also the ADL scholarhip letter.

Once it got light out this morning (I was up way too early again) I was off to do some more weeding.  Got LOTS more pulled (between irrigation and then rain it's still easy) before I finally had to shower and get ready for the gym. While I was out there our new pool person, Jose, came to service the pool and figured out why Creepy hasn't been happy; one of the hoses had a leak.  So we replaced that tube and (maybe) that'll keep him happy for a while...

Another late start at the gym.  Sure do miss Jim's promptness (among other things.)

Dan got his quilt, and absolutely loves it!  Here's part of his e-mail:

Whoa! Wow! Wowser! Holy Schmomboli! Bobbi! The Ribbit Riot is amazing! I can't believe you spent all that time making me a quilt. I'm in awe and so pleased. I love the frog images. I love the jaunty squares. I love the blue and purple and of course the green. I'm so happy Terry will be here on Monday to see it so we can marvel at it together. Thank you for the washing instructions although I suspect I'll be so darn careful with it that it'll never need washing!  I can't thank you enough Bobbi. A true work of art. I am forever in awe of you and that is now beyond your Wordle prowess!

Also on tap today was a visit from the plumber.  The very unhappy hose bib/pipe out back, which leaked buckets whenever we turned it on, is now fixed, and the master bathroom has a new toilet.  Luckily Cameron was outside getting a tool from his truck when I went to empty a bucket of weeds into the trash can - and there was a HUGE spider on the inside of the lid.  (HE even commented on how big it was.)  I have more weeds to put in there, but am a little gun shy at the moment.

Sometime today Brownie will get a bath so he'll be a less-aromatic tent-mate for Alex (and the cleaners can clean up the mess that's always left behind when they come tomorrow.) 

Tried to schedule the booster shot - but they still haven't gotten the OK and said to call back tomorrow. 

I had hoped to organize at least some of the fabric that came home with me yesterday, but between my headache and lack of sleep that is going to have to wait.

Going to post before I get behind again.  One of these days I'll be back to posting pix.

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