Saturday, September 24, 2022

Thursday I gave Brownie his bath after dinner, while Tom and Alex were watching Thursday Night Football.  Bathing is still high on his list of Things I Don't Like

and yet he doesn't seem to hold a grudge. 

As soon as bathtime is over Brownie still doesn't want to leave my side, 

even though Alex was trying to get him to come to him.

He's soft and clean now - though after a weekend of camping he may (?)  need another bath...

Waking up at 4:30 is getting to be a very nasty habit.

While cleaners did their thing Friday morning I ironed/cut more 5" squares for the October exchange; have about two dozen bee fabrics.  Also washed loads and loads of laundry - not only the rugs (as always on cleaning day) but all of Brownie's beds/blankets, which added another several loads.

I finally made the trip to Costco for the 50# bag of birdseed for the too-long empty feeder, and blocks for the quail. I had really struggled with that hefty bag on my last shop there.

 Luckily there was an employee nearby to help load it into the shopping cart, then a young man (helping his grandmother?) two cars over from where I had parked to load it into the trunk for me, and Alex at home to lift it onto the bath seat in the garage (which hopefully will discourage any rodents from getting into it?)  

And speaking of rodents - Tom heard from Lily yesterday, whose car was having problems.  Turns out some rodents had chewed through some of the wires, and sadly it'll be a very pricey fix.

It is quiet here without Brownie.  Hope he's having fun camping.

The weather became very threatening here last evening, WINDY with lots of thunder.
But as "promised", there was no more rain.

Saturday has started off promising... 5:45 is a lot better than 4:30!

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